About Us

Triesta the largest network diagnostic service provider in the country is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Care Global Enterprises Limited, based out of Bangalore; comprises Diagnostic Laboratory and Research services.  Triesta state-of-the-art laboratory offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests, from routine to highly specialized. We focus mainly on innovation, quality and accurate results for better diagnosis and prognosis

Triesta offers world class services to several leading hospitals and medical institutions within India & overseas- thus making us one of India's leading pathology companies.

Triesta has an integrated molecular pathology laboratory dedicated to Oncology segment. A well equipped cancer BIOREPOSITORY mainly for breast and colo-rectal cancer has put Triesta on the horizon of transational research in India.

Triesta CRO is focused in the field of oncology research with a dedicated team of research professionals experienced in designing, conducting and management of oncology research projects; access to a large cancer patient pool within the network hospitals.